In the process of taking on occupied structures I have found myself in multiple directions of medium when depicting these buildings. I have come across this subject through anxieties that I certainly do not share alone, revolving around inconsistency in what “home” is and the lack of permanence it has in my life currently. My work focuses on the exterior of structures engaging in commentary of confinement, future dystopia, psychological experience, and abstruse function of community living structures. Many of my influences come from the places we have built for ourselves to occupy that are not necessarily beneficial to exist within and serve better for financial profit/survival than livable space. I tend to use ceramic as my main medium as it opens up the door to mimic materials, while at the same time it can remove things from familiarity especially when talking about such familiar and overlooked spaces. The structures take on a surreal form and often leave the interior spaces and inhabitants up for speculation. Often these buildings will fall under apartment or cookie cutter housing development, both of which give me an eerie dehumanizing feeling. My goal of this work is to provide a different lens to view what we are creating for ourselves to live within, the structures in place that force many to take on less than habitable “homes” and a process of creating that may offer some comfort in the decentralized life I am living.